West Texas Bible Institute

The West Texas District Council is pleased to provide its West Texas Bible Institute.  WTBI is open to aspiring ministers and lay persons alike.  It provides a convenient and accessible opportunity for Biblical and ministerial training. WTBI is a member of the Association for District Schools of Ministry that individuals to complete the educational requirements of the Assemblies of God for credentialing.


  • One Saturday per month
  • 9:30 am – 2:30 pm
  • Lunch is provided

For more information please contact Tracy McWilliams.

Email: tracy.mcwilliams@sbcglobal.net

Phone: 806-792-5835


Courses completed through the West Texas Bible Institute that are required by the Assemblies of God for credentials meet the educational requirements of the General Council for the respective level of credential. Completion of the courses, however, does not guarantee that a ministry credential will be granted, or that preferential treatment will be given to those completing the required ministerial training courses through the West Texas Bible Institute. The credentialing of ministers is a process separate from completion of the educational requirements.

WTBI is a non-accredited Bible institute. While endorsed by the Executive Presbytery of the General Council of the Assemblies of God for ministerial training, courses completed through the school do not automatically qualify for college credit.


  • February 1: Cert 101 Life of Christ
  • March 7: Cert 102 Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine
  • April 4: Cert 103: The Book of Acts
  • May 16: Cert 104 Introduction to Hermeneutics
  • June 20: Cert 105 Prison Epistles
  • August 15: Cert 106 Evangelism
  • September 12: Cert 107 AG History, Missions & Governance
  • October 17: Cert 108 Ministerial Ethics
  • November 21: Cert 109 Spirit Empowered Churches


  • February 1: LIC 201 Introduction to Theology
  • March 17: LIC 202 New Testament Survey
  • April 4: LIC 203 Old Testament Survey
  • May 16: LIC 204 Introduction to Homiletics
  • June 20: LIC 205 Romans
  • August 15: LIC 206 Eschatology
  • September 12: LIC 207 Theology of Missions
  • October 17: LIC 208 Leadership Skills
  • November 21: LIC 209 Conflict Resolution


  • February 1: ORD 301 Prayer & Worship
  • March 7: ORD 302 Corinthians
  • April 4: ORD 303 Pentateuch
  • May 16: ORD 304 Poetic Books
  • June 20: ORD 305 Preaching in Cultural Context
  • August 15: ORD 306 Church Administration, Law and Finance
  • September 12: ORD 307 Pastoral Ministry
  • No classes in July.

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